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How to remove movielab.com popup

When you cannot browse with any browser and you are redirecting to any specific site, then your browsers are infected by adware programs. If you have recently installed any application in the computer and after that you are getting this problem. Suppose, you are redirecting to the site movielab.com and getting popup advertisement or banner advertisement. However, usually 3rd party applications or malware infected sites are common cause of the infection of the adware program. Adware program install plugins in all browsers for controlling and showing advertisement. If you click on the advertisement, then the developer of the program may earn money and you may get more terrible programs what you cannot bear.
That is why, you need to remove the adware program movielab.com from the computer if you want to use the computer without facing any problem However, you should uninstall the 3rd party application if you have install that. Uninstall the add-on related with the movielab.com from the browser and you have to do this from all browsers. Now reset the browsers and check the browser and program feature that the adware program has install any more program or not. Now use and adware and malware removal program in the computer for cleaning the computer.