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How to remove mookie1

The program mookie1 is also known as mookie1.com. This adware program redirects to the site mookie1.com and it infects all browsers like Firefox, Chrome or Edge etc. No matter that your browsers are latest or not. The program infects all browsers. When you redirect to the mookie1.com site from all browsers, then you will understand that your browsers are infected by the mookie1.com or mookie1. Do not click on any advertisement. You do not know what is going to happen. By clicking on the mookie1.com, you download more untrusted or unwanted programs in the computer and those programs may create big trouble for you. The developer will earn money as pay per click but you will get nothing.
You should remove the mookie1 program and therefor you need to uninstall the freeware or shareware application from the computer. You can remove the 3rd party program from the program feature. Now you have to make the browser control free from mookie1.com program. You must uninstall the plugins from all browsers. Now reset the browsers and you will get a trouble-free computer and browsers. Do not forget to check the computer with an adware removal program. You may use any free adware removal program.