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How to remove malware for mac

Computer threats are available for Windows and Mac computer if you do give attention when you install any application or website, then malware can come in the computer. Many people think that Mac computers are safe from Viruses or from all other threats but it is wrong. Malware can infect Mac computers. If any of the malware programs enters in the computer, then you will face trouble and you will not get any secure place to work in the computer. However, if your mac OS X is infected by any malware program, then you have to remove it and you can remove the malware free.
How to remove malware from Mac OS X? There are many free applications available what you can use for cleaning the computer and those applications are MacDefender, MacProtector and MacSecurity. You can download those applications for free and use without facing any trouble. However, you should clean the browsers cookies and caches. It is good if you reset the browsers. You should clean the files from Download folder what you cannot identify. You need to clean the trash of Mac computer. Do not download any program what you do not know and do not browse any untrusted website.

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