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How to remove mackeeper

Many people think that Mac users cannot face any problem from virus or adware. There are some applications what look ok but those are also terrible problem for the computer. The program Mackeeper is an application and this application is developed for Mac computer. The program Mackeeper is a 3rd party application and if this program is installed in the computer, then it is difficult to remove. Many people do not like to use this program and that is why, they want to remove the program immediately. You can uninstall any Mac application by drag and drop to the trash but uninstall the Mackeeper is different than other applications. You have to remove the program manually.
You need to visit the github site for remove the Mackeeper and download the Get the raw deleteMacKeepersh script from here on Github. Now start the Terminal applicationfor removing Mackeeper. Now you have to run the script sudo ./deleteMacKeeper.sh. Thus, you can remove the application Mackeeper from the computer. There are some other steps available what you can learn from YouTube site. I am sure shortly, you will get a trouble free Mac computer and you will not install any application what you do not like to use.

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