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How to remove mac internet explorer

Internet Explorer (IE) is an application and you will get this browser with Windows OS for free but Mac users need to download this application from Microsoft site. This browser is not too bad but not many people do not like to use this application. However, therefore many users want to remove the browser. Many users do not know how to remove the Mac internet explorer. That is why, I have been writing this article.
Internet Explorer for Mac does not add an uninstaller program what will used for uninstallation. For this reason, you must remove the application file manually and you must do this one by one. Internet Explorer for Mac does not also produce a “Preference” file, so you only need to remove the main application file of Internet Explorer for Mac. You have to click on the Internet Explorer icon in the “Applications” folder. Now drag the file to the Trash in the dock and drop the file on the Trash when the Trash icon blackens. Go to the step “Finder” menu and select “Erase.” Confirm the selection in the pop-up window. I hope you have understood how to delete

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