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How to remove loki virus

Unwanted programs can come in the computer easily. If you browse suspicious or untrusted sites and you use hacking tools and application in the computer, then your computer may be infected by the virus. There are many types of unwanted programs available online with integrated different applications and sites. The loki virus is one of the removal programs what can infect all of the versions of the Windows program. This is more than a virus and it is a ransomware program what hijack PC information and takes control your PC. If you want to keep your PC trouble free and you need to unblock the PC, then you have to send money to the developer of the program. If you pay a certain amount to a certain bitcoin account, then you will not get help. The person may demand more money.
Do not need to pay and you should keep the computer clean by yourself. You should restart the PC and run the PC in safe mode. Now scan the computer with an antivirus and malware program and you will get your computer safe. Now restore the computer and you must get trouble free PC. You may reinstall Windows.

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