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How to remove locky decrypter

If your computer and browsers are not behaving normally and you are getting error and pop up advertisement, then your computer and browsers are infected by the virus or any unwanted program. If you do not remove the program from the computer, then it be very serious. The Locky decrypter is a harmful program and it is marked that the program is a ransomware what is more than a virus. You have nothing to worry if you know how to remove the program from the computer. If you keep this program in the computer, then your all files and folders are locked and you cannot work in the computer. You will get message from the computer in favor of developer of the program to send a certain amount of money and unblock the files and folders. If you do so, then you will face terrible problem. Your Pc may restart now and you cannot use any antivirus program due to the restart.
You need to run the computer in safe and remove the application what has brought Locky decrypter program in the computer. Now scan the computer with an antivirus and clean the computer from all of the infections. Now restore the computer. You may start the computer normal mode and get a trouble free computer.

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