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How to remove koobface

The program koobface is an unwanted program and this program is identified as a malware program. It is found that many antiviruses identified this program as a serious malware. This malware program infects the computer of any operating system. This virus is also known as different names like W32/Koobface, W32.Koobface, W32/Koobface.AZ and Boface. This virus moves through thesocial networking sites and it infects the social networking sites. By the social networking sites, it sends messages to member of the social networks friend list and it redirects to untrusted websites. This program asks the users to download the flash_player.exe what is a false message. The program also tells the user to update fake programs.
If this program is in the computer, then the users will face terrible problems and it is necessary to remove the program. If you see that any of the program fbtre6.exe, freddy79.exe, mstre6.exe, ld08.exe and Ld12.exe is running, then you should cancel the application. Now you need to use an antivirus program and use a malware program for scanning and removing the antivirus from the computer. After cleaning the program, you should make sure that the computer is safe. You should reset the browsers one by one for keep the browsers safe.

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