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how to remove knctr from windows 10

If you use Windows 10 which is a latest operating system from Microsoft, it is not a matter. Your computer may be infected by any virus. There are many viruses infect Windows 10 OS and knctr is one of those viruses. This is an ad supported virus and his virus infects the browsers and takes control the browser. The user gets advertise continuously and it is not easy to stop the virus infection. The freeware and shareware programs bring the KNCTR virus in the computer. If you visit suspicious websites, then your PC can be infected by the virus and you may face more problem if you do not take action against the virus.
You need to know how to remove knctr from windows 10. You need to remove the freeware or share application from the Program and Features. Now remove the add-on from the browser for solving the problem. Once you have to remove the add-on from the browser and clean the cache or cookies, then you need to solve the problem. Now reset the browser and the browsers should be working smoothly. Now you need use an antivirus for scanning the computer and cleaning the computer from virus. Enable real time protection from antivirus.

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