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How to remove js-redirector.dg

The program js-redirector.dg is identified as Trojan virus and this Trojan has been working since 2010. This malicious program may make terrible problem for your computer. This Trojan does not come in the computer directly. It comes with application what you have installed in the computer. This program access root of the computer and takes control like an administrator. You will not get a good Pc environment if this program is in computer. This program damage your computer system and let not give any option for working in the computer. This program makes your computer slower and browsers. It monitors your all activities in the computer and send information to the hacker.
Due to the installation of untrusted application, freeware or shareware applications or browsing suspicious websites, your PC may be infected by the adware, malware or js-redirector.dg virus. If this virus is not removed from the computer, then this program may delete files and folders from the computer. You should use an antivirus for cleaning the computer and remove all infected files from the computer. Once you have removed the program from the computer, you will get a trouble-free computer. You must remove the application what has brought the adware program in the computer.

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