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How to remove [email protected]

Unwanted programs and various types of threats are available online and ransomware program is very serious program. If this program comes in the computer anyway, then you will face terrible problems. When this program infects the computer, then all systems of the computer is in risk and hackers control your PC. You will get terrible problems. You find that your computer files and folders are encrypted and you cannot open file. The program may show you an email address [email protected] for contact and you may get bitcoin address. You will be asked to send bitcoin to the account. The amount can be around $200 and if you pay to the hacker, then you will be asked to pay more.
However, you should work for removing the virus and that is why, you should start the computer in safe mode. You may not run the computer in normal mode. Now uninstall the application what has pushed the ransomware and remove the virus. You may use an antivirus and malware removal application. Once you have scanned the computer and cleaned the computer, you may get a trouble-free PC. You should be careful when you download any application and install. However, you should restore the computer and the computer is safe.

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