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How to remove imonomy

The site imonomy.com and tag.imonomy.com are not same thing. If you get pop up message as advertisement from tag.imonomy.com site, then your computer and browsers are infected. Adware programs control browser and steal information form the browsers. Your password, credit card information and login details are in risk in the browsers what you have saved and not saved. You should keep the computer clean from the virus and all types of problems. If you do not remove the tag.imonomy.com program from the computer and browsers, then it may open back door for hackers. You should not help the developer of the program to earn money from your infection.
The adware program tag.imonomy.com is not installed in the computer directly and auto. This program may input in the computer with 3rd party application. You need to remove the 3rd party application and remove the add-ons form the browsers. Because the program tag.imonomy.com control the browsers by the add-ons or plugins. You should remove the application and plugins related with tag.imonomy.com. Once you have done, you should scan the computer with an antivirus and adware removal program. I hope that you will find the computer safe and secured. You should enable real time protection.

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