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How to remove ilivid virus

Browsers hijacker programs are available and the program Ilivid is a virus and browser hijacker. If this program is in your computer, then your browsers will be infected first and you will not work at all. You may have not installed the ilivid virus in the computer directly. It has come with 3rd party applications like freeware or shareware program. This program may have come after installation of the iLivid Download Manager. Generally, freeware and shareware programs are common program what virus and malware carry from one computer to another computer. If you see ilivid.com, home.ilivid.com, search.ilivid.com, start.ilivid.com and other webpages. This program install add-on in the browsers. All of the old or latest browsers are infected by the adware program.
However, you should be careful when this program is in the computer and immediately you need to remove the Livid virus. You need to remove the iLivid Download Manager application from the program feature and remove the add-on of iLivid from browsers. Now reset the browsers and your will get the browsers smooth. You must scan the computer with an antivirus and adware removal. If these programs find any file infected, then you should clean the computer and make the computer trouble free.

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