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How to remove ibtsiva.exe

There are some malware programs infect in the computer by different names and the file can be harmful to the computer. The file ibtsiva.exe is related to the Bluetooth and it must run when any Bluetooth devices will be connected to the computer. Otherwise, this program does not work on the computer and there is no chance run it. If you see the program is running from the task manager, then it may be a malware program. If this is a program of Windows, then it contains in the subfolder of the Program files and size of the file is 113,096??bytes. As it is a part of Windows OS and it is digitally signed program, it does not visible on the Windows task manager. If you can see this program running in the Windows task manager, then it must be a virus.
Now you should remove this program and you should use a malware removal program. There are many free antivirus and removal program available. You can use any antivirus and malware removal program for scanning the computer. Once you have cleaned the computer, you may remain safe and you can trust your computer if you do not install any insecure program in future.

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