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How to remove hubtaskhost.exe

There are many malware programs and if your computer is infected by any malware program, then you will face various problems from your computer. The program hubtaskhost.exe is a malware program. Due to the infection this virus, your computer shows different messages with BDOS error and your Pc may restart often. You cannot work with computer and you need to remove the virus from the computer if you want to work on the computer. You get a message with a phone number with the BDOS error. The message will ask you to contact the customer care and when you talk with the customer care, the person will ask you to provide him money if you want to fix the issues. Otherwise, you will face various problem including system loss. However, these are a false message and you have nothing to worry.
You should restart the computer and run the computer in safe mode. Now remove the hubtaskhost.exe file form the computer and use an antivirus for scanning the computer and cleaning the computer from all types of threats. Now you will find that your computer is safe and secured. You should delete all files related with the hubtaskhost.exe. Now restart Pc and run PC in normal mode. Now your computer is safe.

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