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How to remove gwx again

The virus may come with the application what you are going to use. GWX is developed for Windows computer and it works in Windows 10 also. This is unwanted program works from Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 too. This program shows pop up message with a full screen to upgrade the computer. If your computer is infected by the GWX virus, then you will see notification of updated windows from the system tray. This virus is a spyware and harmful for PC. If you click on the advertise, you have invited more harmful programs for the Windows computer. After entering in the computer, this program will turn off many things like schedule and other tasks and change GWX folder to Windows \System32 and you cannot remove the folder or the program.
You need to remove the GWX and once you have deleted the virus, this program may come in the computer for the next time and you have to do the same process for removing the unwanted program. You have to take back the ownership of GWX folder from properties. Now your need to remove the program. You should use an updated antivirus on the computer and be careful when you install any free applications.

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