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How to remove gomediaz

The unwanted program Gomediaz is a harmful program and this is a pop up advertisement. These pop up advertises come from the browsers. This unwanted program Gomediaz takes control over the browsers and all of the major browsers are infected by the Gomediaz. When typing any address of the website, then the website will be redirected to the Gomediaz.com site. Installation of the freeware and shareware applications are blamed for the infection of the Gomediaz infection in the computer. This ad ware program can be more serious and very harmful for the computer. The program may leak privacy form the computer and you will face more trouble for hackers.
For removing the Gomediaz program from the computer, it is very important to remove the freeware or shareware application what pushed the Gomediaz in the computer. Now remove the add-ons from the browsers. Now reset the browser one by one and clean the browser’s cookies and caches. Now use an antivirus or adware removal program for the computer scanning and cleaning all problems from the computer. Now you may need to restart the computer if you cannot scan the computer for the virus infection and run the computer in the safe mood for scanning the computer.

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