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How to remove gom player remove ads

The GOM player is a popular media player and this player is developed by a Korean company. This video player is very popular and many people like this player to use. It is developed for Windows computer. This player is developed for running in the computer smoothly and if it is necessary to use the codec, then the user can download the codec from online. But in the GOM player, many people have seen advertise what is very annoying. The advertise offers users to download full movie from online. As the Player GOM is a shareware or free application, it earns money from the advertise but people do not like and the developer does not keep any option to stop the advertise.
For removing advertise or GOM player remove ads, it is necessary to take some steps. Jut run the GOM Player and click on the F5 key from the keyboard and you will be now on the preference tab. Select General tab and now select logo tab from above. Select (Tick) “Display Logo when stopped” and close the program. Now you will not see any advertise. Do not click on any advertise. All of those advertises are suspicious and perhaps adware or virus included.

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