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How to remove generic htool.b

Many PCs are infected by the virus generic HTool.b virus. It is a Trojan and this virus comes with the 3rd party applications. If this virus is on the computer, it hijacks your browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Edge. All of the browsers do not behave normally if the virus infects the computer. The main target of the virus is hijacking the information from the browser like credit card Information, password etc. You will get advertise continuously from the browsers due to the viruses. You will get pop up advertisement. This virus has come on your computer by the freeware or shareware applications, you need to protect the computer and remain careful when download or install any application. Do not download any contents from any site. You need to check the source of the program. If you browse the adult site, then this virus may take entry in the computer.
You can remove the HTool.b virus manually. If you cannot remove the program HTool.b virus manually, then you can use an antivirus for removing it. You need to use an updated and reputed antivirus for keeping the computer safe from any serious virus infection. Your computer will be protected if you use an updated antivirus.

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