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How to remove gamescrystal

The program gamescrystal is an unwanted program and this program can your system completely. This program hijacks browsers and asks the users to play Flash game. This program shows online advertisement and if the user of the computer click on any advertise, the company of the advertisement will give money to the developer of the program. It is related to the pay per click. The gamescrystal hijacks browser and change all necessary settings of the browsers. By this process, the developer earns money and open the back door for the hackers. There are many reasons found to take entry in the computer of the virus and hack your computer system. Freeware and shareware applications are the common way for the virus.
It is necessary to fix the problem and that is why you need to remove the application what has brought the virus to the computer. You will remove the program form the add or remove the program from the control panel and delete related files from the computer. Now remove add-ons from the browsers and reset settings. You have to do these with all of the browsers individually. Now use an antivirus and scan the computer. If any infected file is found on the computer, then you can clean with the antivirus.

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