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How to remove fozhand

The Fozhand is an unwanted program and this program is very harmful to the computer. This program spread to the computer with other software. Generally, it comes with free software like freeware or shareware. The developer of the application earns money from the distribution of the Fozhand program. But the program Fozhand contains some adware thing what are not good for the users of the computer. When the program enters into the computer, then it captures browsers and starts showing advertisement what makes the browser slow and makes the users annoyed. The harmful program is harmful to the Windows and OS X operating system. Without asking any information from the users, the unwanted program Fozhand changes many settings form the computer and browsers.
There are many applications what can protect the computer from the Fozhand. If the user installs any application for protecting the computer, then the program does not harm the computer. You can use any popular antivirus for the protection the computer. if the computer is already infected by the Fozhand, then you need to use any antivirus and scan the computer. If the antivirus is not updated, then it may not work properly. You need to clean the computer with the antivirus.

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