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How to remove footybase

Do not trust the Footybase search engine. This Footybase search engine is a fake site and untrusted. This fake search engine comes on the computer with free applications what you have installed. Usually, the Footybase search engine relies on the shareware and freeware application. Once you have installed the application, the Footybase search engine enter in the PC and takes control over browsers. The Footybase search engine installs add-on and search page in the browser. If you use the browser for any purpose, then the Footybase search engine hijack the information. Your information is unprotected if you use those browsers. You should remove the Footybase search engine and related programs from the computer and the browsers.
You need to remove the application from the add or remove the program from the control panel. Now remove the add-ons from the browsers. You have to remove the add-ons from all of the browsers. Now reset the browsers and make everything normal or default for making everything smooth and perfect like before. You should keep an antivirus and firewall for protecting the computer its information. However, now you should scan the computer with an antivirus and active real time protection from the antivirus. Now your computer is safe and secured.

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