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How to remove file extension zepto

The Zepto ransomware uses the file extension. Zepto. It is a harmful program for the computer and it is used for by the Zepto ransomware developer for earning money. The program is an unwanted program and it harmful for the PC and users. When the computer use installs any 3rd party application in the computer and if the application is integrated with the Zepto ransomware, then this unwanted program also inserts in the computer. When it inserts in the computer, then it captures all files from the computer and makes encrypted as Zepto extention. So, the user cannot open the files or folders. The developer of the program gives the computer users a massage to send him 0.5 bitcoin to an account to get all files back.
However, the solution you do not need to send any money to the account and you should not trust the developer. If the computer takes to restart after giving the massage, then you need to restart the computer and run the computer safe mode. Now use an updated antivirus and scan the whole computer with the antivirus and clean the computer should be working proper and no massage will be visible if you clean the problem. Now restore the computer and get back all files properly.

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