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How to remove feed sonic search

The feed sonic search or Sonic Search is an adware program and this program comes with bundle application. The Sonic Search depends on the free ware or share application. The program is harmful for the users and it hijacks the browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, safari etc. The user gets advertise as a pop up and banner advertise. It is an untrusted program and it makes trouble for the users of the computer in various ways. If the user of the computer does not take any action against the program, then it may found that the program may hijack your personal information what you should not share. The program hijack information from your browsers and your browsers will be hijacked. The program install add-on in the browser for controlling the browser.
As the Sonic Search comes with the bundle application, then you need to remove the bundle application from the computer. You have to save browsers and you need to remove add-ons from the browsers. All of the browsers need to reset and set the default setting for making the browsers working. You have to secure the computer and use a trusted antivirus for scanning and cleaning the computer for keeping the computer safe and secured for now and future.

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