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How to remove fbi virus

FBI virus is a serious malware program what can destroy your computer system. This program generally depends on the 3rd party application what you trust but the program is not developed by trusted organization. When the computer is infected by the FBI virus, then you will get notice continuously of The FBI Federal Bureau Investigation. This program blocks many programs and you cannot work swiftly on your computer. The program gives notice as you have been illegally using or distributing copyrighted content, viewing or distributing pornographic content … So, you should understand that your computer is infected by the FBI virus. The program is not developed by the FBI. The program may ask you pay a fine of $100 to a certain account and solve the issue. Actually, the program is developed by scammers and they want to earn money this way. This virus has a different version.
You should work for removing the program of FBI virus. If you used an updated antivirus, then the program could not harm your computer. Now you should use an updated antivirus and scan the computer with the antivirus and clean the computer. Now your computer should be working smoothly without giving any notice like FBI.

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