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How to remove Facebook virus 2017

Facebook is a social networking site and based on the social site, a virus has been developed. Name of the of the virus is Facebook virus 2017. The virus may be available in different versions. The unwanted program or virus may offer to watch a private video or see the private picture. You may get a post with video “My private video,” “My first video,” or “Private video.”. This program is a spyware program if your computer is infected by the Facebook virus, then all of the information pass to the hacker slowly. You will lose the privacy and you may face terrible problem later if this goes on.
The virus hijacks the browser and does not let you work smoothly. The program also collects data from your browser’s cookies. You need to solve all of the problems from the computer and browsers. If you install any 3rd party application but not trusted in the computer, then it has a chance that your computer is infected by the virus or malware. The application takes to control the browsers and you need to change the setting of the browser for solving problem form the browsers. You need to uninstall the application from the computer and use antivirus for cleaning all problem from the computer.

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