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How to remove error code 0x80016cfa

If your computer pops up error code 0x80016cfa with blue screen, then do not get afraid. It is not warning form the computer. This error is a fake warning and it is a cause of adware. The error of the warring is BDOS error code 0x80016cfa. Many people get afraid of this problem. The message of the program will ask to contact with the customer care and it will provide a phone number. When you call to the number, the person asks money from you for giving the service. You must not pay attention to the warning message and you do not need to call the number. You can easily solve the problem.
If the PC restarts auto after giving the message, you need to restart the computer and run in safe mode. Remove the application what has brought the virus of code 0x80016cfa. Now you need to remove related files and program related with the code 0x80016cfa. Now scan the computer with an antivirus and clean the computer from virus. Once the computer is cleaned. You can run the computer in normal mode and PC should be working smoothly. Now you need to malware removal program and antivirus for solving all issues from the computer.

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