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How to remove down.baidu2016.com pop-up

Beware of adware and the adware is common problem form the computer and it is very easy for the browser’s infection. If adware program runs or infects your computer, you will get pop up advertisements and various problems in the computer. If you get down.baidu2016.com pop-up messages in the computer and browsers, your computer is infected with the adware program down.baidu2016.com and you must not use any information in the browsers. You should fix the browsers and computer. Do not install any free application or download any content what you do not know. Most adware or malware infection occurs for the free applications.
You should remove down.baidu2016.com from the browsers and stop pop-up messages from the computer well. You need to delete or uninstall the content what has brought the program in the computer. If you do not remove the program, your computer will be infected again. You should use an adware and a malware removal program for cleaning the computer. You should fix the browsers first and you should remove the browser hijacker plugin from the browsers. Now reset the browsers, You can work in the computer and browsers if you clean the computer with the adware and malware removal program.