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How to remove dongtaiwang

Adware or redirected virus is a common threat for the computer and Dongtaiwang is such type program what hack the browsers and change the default settings. The program changes the homepage and open door for the hacker. That is why it is necessary to remove this unwanted program. You cannot work in the computer properly and cannot browse smoothly due to the redirection. You should stay on the computer with the program Dongtaiwang. The risk of the program is medium and it first attacks the browsers. You should keep working on saving the browsers. The unwanted program may have entered in the computer based on the 3rd party applications or you have visited any untrusted website. If you use the crack tool, that may be liable of attack of the program Dongtaiwang.
Now you need to work in the computer for removing the application what has brought the program in the computer and remove add-ons from the browsers. Once you have done, you need to use an updated antivirus for scanning the computer and cleaning. In this task, you can use the same antivirus and there are many free antiviruses available, you can use any antivirus you like. Now you may need to reset the browser and make the computer ready for working smoothly.

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