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How to remove dllhost.exe com surrogate

The unwanted program dllhost.exe com surrogate is an annoying thing for the computer. This is an unwanted program what makes your computer slower. The dllhost.exe is an extension of Windows and this is a harmful program for the Windows. There are many unwanted programs available in the same name. The process of the dllhost.exe is called com surrogate by Microsoft com. The file dllhost.exe which is developed by Microsoft is not a virus. It is part of the Windows computer and when the program starts working form the computer, then many people think that program is a virus. When some unwanted programs infect the computer, then you will see dllhost.exe running form the Windows task manager. You can turn the program off from the Windows task manager.
If the dllhost.exe is a virus, then it is harmful to the computer and you need to take necessary steps for solving the problem. The first process is using an updated antivirus. You need to use an updated antivirus for scanning and cleaning the computer. Once you have done this, your computer should be working polity and your computer should not make any trouble. Do not install any application what you do not trust and the source is not popular.

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