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How to remove directrev

The program Directrev is a redirected program and it is an adware program. This program generally comes with the application what is untested or untrusted. If you browse any website what is suspicious, then the Directrev can enter in the computer. If the Directrev takes entry in the computer, then the browser will behave differently. You will get Ad.directrev.com if you use any site. You will get advertise or you are requested or forced to download suggested application. You may be requested to download any updated of any program. You must not click on any advertise. If you click on any advertise, you will face a problem or give an update. Some more serious programs may enter into the computer. The Ad.directrev.com hijacks all of the browsers and change the setting from the browsers. It may change the homepage and search engine of the browser.
You need to fix all of the problems from the computer and you need to uninstall the program what has pushed the Ad.directrev.com in the computer. Now make free the browser and remove the add-ons from the browsers. Now reset the browsers and set all setting to default. You should use an updated antivirus for scanning the computer and keep clean the computer.

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