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How to remove deceptive site ahead

If you use the internet or install 3rd party application, then you should be careful. Because many unwanted programs may take entry on your computer and it is a common thing. That is Google set warning if any site is found suspicious, then google gives the warning. Many people like this feature but some people dislike the warning. It is also found that “deceptive site ahead” comes from the browser when the computer is infected by the virus. You may get warning massage from the browsers as “the site ahead contains harmful programs”. Here we will learn how to avoid the error from the browsers. If you use Google chrome browser, then you will get the option from the settings and untick “Enable phishing and malware protection” from the browser and save it. Now you can browser with the Chrome without any error.
You can fix the problem from the Firefox browsers. Firefox users can avoid or ignore the warning from the browser when the warning massage will pop up. You will get the option “ignore the warning”. Just click on the link and the user will be redirected to the site. If the site is really harmful and problematic, then the user has to bear the risk.

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