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How to remove crypz

The CryptXXX is a ransomware program and you may know that the CryptXXX is very serious virus. If this virus infects your computer, then you and your computer are vulnerable and at serious risk. If your computer is infected by the CryptXXX, then all files of the computer will be encrypted and the extension of the files and folders become a .crypz extension. So, it is not easy to open. If you want to remove the extension of the crypz, then you have to pay a certain amount to the developer and after paying the amount, you may not get back your files. If you want to open the crypz extensions, then you need to use an updated antivirus.
The CryptXXX has version 3 which is a very powerful program and this update virus may encrypt files as crypz. Now you should use an updated virus removal application. Now scan the whole computer with the antivirus and kill all viruses. Now you need to restore the system from the computer restore point. For the restore, you will get back the all old files and the encryption files crypz will be changed to normal. Now you can use your computer safely and hope you will not face any problem.

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