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How to remove cryptolocker

It is necessary to remain attentive when you use the internet and install any 3rd party application. Especially when you use freeware or shareware application from untrusted sources and developers. If you install any application what is not trusted, then Cryptolocker removal program can be installed auto. It is related to the 3rd party application what must be harmful to your computer. The Cryptolocker is a virus and it is considered as ransomware Trojan what is more harmful to the Windows computer. The ransomware Trojan developed for working in the Windows environment. This ransomware encrypts the files from the PC and gives special encryption extension. So, it is impossible to decrypt. The developer will provide a message to send him a certain amount to get the decrypted files. But you can get the decrypted files for free.
You need to uninstall the application what has installed the ransomware Trojan in your computer. Now you need to use any updated and popular antivirus what will bed for scanning the computer and killing or repairing ransomware Trojan infected files. If you want to get back the files, then you have to restore the Windows what you can do from the control panel of the Windows computer.

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