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How to remove cryp1

The UltraCrypter or cryp1 is a ransomware and it is necessary to remove the ransomware if your computer is infected. The cryp1 ransomware is very serious and harmful for the computer. If your computer is infected by the cryp1, all files from your computer are infected and encrypted. You will get massages from the computer to pay an amount to the developer of the cryp1 programmer within 96 hours to a bitcoin number. If you do not pay, you never get back your encrypted files. If you pay and the developer, ask you to install more and you may later yourself in serious risk or problem. Do not pay attention to the massage of the developer and do not pay.
You use an antivirus or any malware tool for keeping the computer clean and running. If you cannot run computer due to often restart, then you need to start the computer in safe mode and scan the whole computer with an updated antivirus or malware. Once you have done this and clean the computer from the ransomware, you will run the come normal mode and check the problem is there or not. Now restore the computer and your will get back all files what were encrypted.

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