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How to remove comoboss

The Comoboss is not officially considered as a virus or malware. It is not so harmful to your computer but it works like a spy. It collects information from your browser and searches result. The Comoboss is released in different versions. It is found that the Comoboss takes a longer time to load and it makes your browser slower. The Comoboss comes on your computer and set on the browser with the 3rd party application. It is necessary to control over the Comoboss. When Comoboss is on your computer, then you will get pop up advertise and many ad banners what make you annoyed.
It is necessary to remove all of the files related with the Comoboss if you want to lead a nice internet browsing life. You need to uninstall the program from the add and remove the program. Win32-PUP-gen, comoBoss_is1, comoBoss version 1.1 are related files with the Comoboss. Cheka the browser and the browser may have extensions what you need to uninstall. Now remove all unnecessary files from the browsers and delete cookies, caches, and history. Now reset the browser and check that your browser is working smoothly like before or not. You can use adware or malware tool for scanning the computer for check the status of the browsers and computer.

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