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How to remove com surrogate

There are different forms of unwanted programs available online. If you install any application what source is unknown and you browse suspicious websites, then various types of the unwanted program may come in the computer. The virus dllhost.exe *32 COM Surrogate may come in the computer if you do not remain alerted. This file is not trusted the program and it may harm your computer very quickly. If your computer is infected by the virus dllhost.exe *32 COM, then you will get problem working on the computer. Your important data and information will be uploaded to the developer of the program. You will get various types of error and massages. Hackers can attack your computer. You can know about the attack of the dllhost.exe *32 COM virus from the Windows task manager. This malware may have taken entry with a 3rd party application and websites. If you open any email what contains dllhost.exe *32 COM, then your computer may be infected by the virus.
First, you should remove the application if the virus spread in the computer by the application and you should remove the add-ons from the computer. You should scan the computer with a malware or antivirus scanner. After cleaning the computer, you should enable the real time protection for securing future.

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