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How to remove clickadu

You should not install any application on the computer. If you have doubt of the source of the program, you should avoid the program. If you install any application and browse any suspicious website, then your computer and browser may be infected by the clickadu.com or similar type program what may harm your computer. Your browsers will be redirected to the http://clickadu.com site for advertisement. Do not click on the advertise. If you click on the advertise, you may download and install the more serious program in the computer what may be more harmful. For clicking on the advertise, the designer or developer of the program earns money from advertising as pay per click.
Now you should fix the problem form the computer. If you do not remove the program from the computer, then it will be a serious problem. You need to remove the application what has brought in the computer. You need to remove the add-ons and extension if the program has installed the application in the browser. You should also reset the browser and you may remove the caches, cookies, and history from the browser. Now scan the computer with a trusted antivirus application or adware for scanning the computer.

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