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How to remove click to continue by advertise

If you click on the “Click To Continue” button, then you will face the problem. If you see advertise “click to continue” by advertising randomly, then your computer is infected with the virus or adware. Do not click on the button “Click To Continue”. If you click on the button, you will face the more serious problem. Your browsers are hijacked and it may bring the more unwanted program on your computer without any notice. You may get unnecessary product advertisement from amazon or other sites. Do not use those browsers and use private and secured information in the browsers. Your information will be passed to the scammer or hacker. So, you may face more trouble for you.
You need to use an updated antivirus program or you can use malware tool for scanning or cleaning the computer. If the application has come with a program bundle, then you need to remove the application. You should scan the computer with an updated antivirus program and clean the computer with the same tool. You can use any free antivirus or paid antivirus application. If your computer is scanned and cleaned, then you can smoothly work with the computer. Now you will enjoy all of the trouble free computer.

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