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How to remove boydubed

The Boydubed or Search.boydubed.com is a real browser hijacker. This is also known as malware or adware. If this program enters in your computer, then your browsers will be hijacked and you cannot work smoothly on your browsers. There are many things involved with the adware or malware. This is why it is always recommended to use an updated application for removing the Search.boydubed.com or any other threat. When your computer is infected by the Search.boydubed.com, then it will replace the default search engine and homepage. So, you cannot reset the home webpage or the search page. You need to go through some procedures to get back everything and make browsers working smoothly.
You must remove the application what has inserted the Search.boydubed.com and uninstall the program from the add or remove program related with the Search.boydubed.com. Now you may need to run the computer in safe mode if you think it is necessary. Now remove the extensions from the browser related with the Search.boydubed.com. You have to remove the extension and add-one from all of the browsers. Now you should scan the whole PC with update antivirus and finally reset the browsers. Now your browsers should be sworking smoothly and you need to set the home page and search page again.

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