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How to remove axcrypter virus

AxCrypter is a name of a virus and it is very annoying as well harmful malware program what is designed and developed for harming the computer by potential cyber criminals. With the free applications, this program usually enters in the computer. This program brings more unwanted programs in the computer what are very risky too. This virus affects the computer and the performance of the computer will go down. Your browsers do not well due to the virus. This program hijacks all information from your computer and browsers. Setting in the computer and browsers can be changed by the virus, then it becomes more difficulty to work. The security of the computer is vulnerable for the virus.
You should remove AxCrypter program from the computer and this is why, you should use some tools like malware and antivirus for cleaning the computer. If you know that how the program has come in the computer, you should remove that content first and uninstall the application. Now use an antivirus and malware removal program what you can download for free and use those programs for cleaning the computer. You should not use any application in the computer what is not trusted or what you do not know.