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How to remove auto kms

There are some programs what is not directly harmful to your computer. The Auto KMS is a program what is detected as Trojan by all of the popular antiviruses. This Trojan is inserted by the user of the computer for cracking Microsoft Office application. This Auto KMS comes with the crack application. When the user installs the crack application in the computer, then the Auto KMS take entry in the computer. Still, it is not proved yet that the program Auto KMS is harmful to the computer. This is known as a hack tool. This program works from windows PC as win32/autoKMS.
If the user removes the program from the computer, then the crack of the Microsoft Office does not work. Some people noted this program is harmful. It may be used or collecting your personal information and share with the hacker or the developer of the program. If you wish to remove the hacker tool Auto KMS from the computer, then you just run an updated antivirus and scan the computer and clean the file Auto KMS. Now you will find that your computer is working smoothly like before and no hacker tool is on the computer. You may need to buy Microsoft Office program.

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