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How to remove apache-iv.com

The apache-iv.com is not a good sign if you see the page on the browser. You need to remove the files apache-iv.com from the computer and browser. Because apache-iv.com comes with any 3rd party application and hijack your browsers. So, you cannot online or browse. The 3rd party application may be related with the apache-iv.com indirectly. The apache-iv.com may come with the promotion. The apache-iv.com program will change the homepage and change the default search page. You cannot easily get back the older settings. The application may redirect files to another site. It is difficult to identify the adware. You need to remove the unwanted program. If you do not remove the unwanted program and apache-iv.com related file, then your computer may be infected by a more serious problem or virus.
You should clean the computer by antivirus or adware removal tool. You must use an updated application for cleaning the computer. Now you have to retrieve the browser. That is why, you have to clean browsers and delete caches, cookies, and history from the browsers. You may reset the browser if those do not work. Now you may need to change the home page and change the search page to default.

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