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How to remove amazon virus

It is found that Amazon virus is a serious harmful infection what can be serious for the computer. It is harmful to hijacking your secret information from the computer and browsers. This is known as Trojan. If this amazon virus is found in your computer, you need to clean the computer immediately. Otherwise, you may face the more serious problem. You credit card information and other related passwords can be hijacked by the amazon virus program developer. It also keeps a record what you click and what you type by the keyboard. You do not know that there are many freeware or shareware applications are carrying the amazon virus. So, you must not install any freeware or share application what can push amazon virus into your PC.
Now you should use an updated antivirus and make sure that antivirus is popular. Now scan the computer with the antivirus and kill the amazon virus from your computer. Now clean the computer with the antivirus and you PC should be cleaned. Now you need to scan the whole PC with another antivirus if you want to get confirmation that your computer is running smoothly and no another problem is available on the computer. Do not trust on freeware application.

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