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How to remove aigames

The aigames or strk.aigames.mobi is a pop up advertise and it is a harmful program for the computer. When it inserts in the computer, it hijacks the browsers and it does not let work browsers swiftly. It hijacks all of the browsers Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari. It shows advertise and shows pop up advertise. So, you cannot work well online by the browsers. You may face several problems from the computer if it allows other serious problems to come on your computer. You should remove the aigames and related files. If you think that aigames have come by any other application, then you have to remove the application first. You can remove the related application from the ad or remove the program.
Now you have completed all of the works and some works left. You need to scan the whole computer with an updated antivirus application and clean the infected files or delete the infected files. Now you should remove the files from the browsers what are available in the caches, cookies, and history of the browsers. You should clean those files. Now reset the browser and your computer should be working smoothly. Do not install any untrusted application what may harm your PC.

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