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How to remove adf.ly virus

Many people like to use ad.ly for making the URL short but when it works like a virus or adware, then people call it an adf.ly virus. When it comes to your computer, it will hijack the browser and show several advertises a pop up advertises. You may get banner advertises. The adf.ly virus replaces the default home page and sometimes, it will not let you work smoothly. Do not work or share your important information through the browsers. Because your important information will be passed by the adf.ly virus to the hackers. The adf.ly virus may make options for the hacker to entre in the PC.
The adf.ly virus may entre in your PC by the freeware or shareware applications or you have visited any website what is seriously harmful. You need to scan the computer with an adware or antivirus after you remove those applications or extensions. You need to remove that freeware or adware from the add or remove the program. Now remove add-ons from the browsers’ extensions. You need to open all browsers and remove those add-ons related to the adf.ly virus. Now scan and clean the computer with an antivirus or adware remove tool. Once you have done this your PC is completely safe.

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