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How to remove ad.directrev

If you see if your browsers are redirecting to another site, then your browsers are infected by the adware virus. If your browsers are infected by the ad.directrev, then the website will be redirected to http://ad.directrev.com/ ads. You may get attractive advertise or banner advertises. The aim of the developer of the program is to force you to click on the advertise and thus he can earn money as per click. You will not click on advertise. If you click on the advertise from the banner or ad, then you will face the terrible problem. You do not know what things you are bringing in the computer. So, be careful when you install any free application.
Now uninstall the ad.directrev redirect program from the computer and remove the malicious tool from the add or remove the program. Once you have done this, then visit the browsers to the browser and remove extensions and add-ons programs from the browsers. Now your computer is running smoothly. You may check the computer and browser with the updated antivirus. Now scan the whole PC with the computer and PC is safe. You must keep the antivirus in active mode and keep updated from the computer.

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