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How to remove 866-915-6151

You may get error and warning message from the computer or browser. With the warning message, you will get a phone number 866-915-6151. This phone is part of the scam and you need to remove the problem by yourself. If you call the number for solving the problem, then you may welcome serious problem. The warning message with the 866-915-6151 is part of the malicious. You will get the warning message as pop up. In the message, you will get instruction with the phone number. The application what you have installed has included the extension and plugin in the browser. So, the browsers are hijacked and you may not work properly online by the browser.
Now we will know how to remove 866-915-6151 error or warning message from the computer. First of all, you need to remove the application and extensions. If you have uninstalled the application and extensions, then you have completed almost all tasks. Now if you get the same message again, then download the antivirus or ad removal tool and scan the system. You will get some error and fix those errors with the application. You may need to reset the browser and for solving browser related problem and error message.

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