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How to remove 855-612-9897

Many people do not know the how to remove 855-612-9897 warning message and what type of problems may create. When the BDOS error comes with the false message with the phone number 855-612-9897, people get afraid. Do not get scared for the BDOS error but some people get scared and they call to the number and pay the person for solving the issue. The person is a scammer and the person may ask the user to install more applications what may lead the computer user more serious problem. Now user cannot solve the problem. The scammer sets the warning message with the phone number 855-612-9897 by an application and the application is provided for free. You may have downloaded the application from any pirated site. When you have installed the application, then all of the messages and extensions are already installed in the computer. By the extension and application, the scammer hijacked your PC and browser.
Now learn how to remove 855-612-9897. You have to uninstall the application and delete the extension. Now delete related all files of the 855-612-9897. Download a free virus removal tool and scan the whole PC. The tool will find the errors and ask you to click on the “repair all” button. When you click on the “repair all” all problem will be solved. Now reset all setting from the browser and delete chokies and caches from the browser.

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