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How to remove 1-99seo.com-i.php

Adware program may come in the computer with different medias and with different ways. You may see the browsers are redirecting to any specific site and you should stop this redirection. You may see the pop up messages from the computer. Suppose, you see that you are redirecting to the site 1-99seo.com-i.php automatically and the browsers’ home page is also set this site and you cannot change the home page from the browsers or you cannot stop the redirection from the computer anyway, then you can trust that your computer and browsers are infected by the adware program. Remember, the adware program is a browser hijacker as well as spyware what will collect information from the browsers and pass to the hackers. Do not click on the advertisement. If you click on the advertisement, you may bring more unwanted programs in the computer.
How to remove the pop up virus 1-99seo.com-i.php from the computer? If you think that any program is liable for this infection, you should remove that program first and then check the browsers. If you see adware program has installed adware plugin in the browsers, you need to remove that plugin. Now use an adware removal program for getting a safe computer and browsers.